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Super City is a free sim city building game 2022 with multiplayer mode

Play in your browser on PC, Mac, iPad or android tablet!

You have an amazing opportunity to create a global city with skyscrapers where you will see beautiful city skylines. Or you can choose to build a small quiet township with vegetables and fruit farms, little cottages, walking parks and a zoo.

As a mayor of your own city you will get access to hundreds of unique buildings and decorations to make your architectural dreams come true!

Getting bored to be a city tycoon and just build houses? No problem! You can take a rest from city building and join adventure game mode with seasonal expeditions.

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Global city building game - global opportunities for you

Take on the role of city designer

Make a plan that helps you build and expand your city from scratch to perfection. Step by step transform your little township into a modern big city.

Choose good locations, compare different buildings between each other and launch construction work to cover actual needs of citizens. Make your city harmonic and beautiful!

Wide range of categories in the "building catalog" is opened for you:

  • Infrastructure,
  • Residences,
  • Business,
  • Production,
  • Entertainment,
  • Roads,
  • Decorations
  • And more!

Be a fair city tycoon

Take care of citizens, get positive feedback and become a favorite mayor in your small township or megapolis.

Build houses, businesses, kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities to grow the population of your city.

Launch production cycles of food and other valuable goods to serve citizens' needs - harvest crops, gain materials, craft and trade.

And, of course, collect solid profits and take an opportunity to make your city even more beautiful than ever!

Explore wild lands

Take a break from the sim city building game mode and bring fresh experience into your days outside the city!

Join the expedition games - discover distant territories, face mysterious circumstances, solve tricky puzzles and get insights.

Seasonal adventures with immersive stories are waiting for you!

Build deep relationships

Looking for new acquaintances?

Use our multiplayer mode and find many reliable neighbors for the game and friends for life.

Regularly check your inbox for new invitations. Get requests that someone wants to be friends with you! Meet new people, create positive social connections inside and even outside our global city building game.

In addition, you can share the secrets of your success with your neighbors!

Over 1000 unique buildings in your sim city: build it all!

Dating Park

Beach party zone

Luxury Apartment

Premium Cottage

Summer mansion


Family House

Wedding Palace

Coffee House

Family restaurant



Shoe Shop


Flower kiosk

Meet your new friends


Mayor's assistant and business women.

She wants to make citizens lives happy. Friendly and sociable person.

In her spare time she enjoys cooking, especially baking.


A little bit forgetful and distracted boy with a big secret dream.

In the crowd Bob is very quiet and close. He rarely speaks, stutters and often behaves rather strangely.

Huge fan of musical rock groups: AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana, Rolling Stones.


Entrepreneur and mayor's advisor.

He takes care of the business environment in the city.

Will loves American food - burgers, barbeque and steaks.

Prefers mainstream cinema and listens to classic rock.


She was born in a farmer's family. Childhood was pretty hard because all year round Caroline helped her parents with the plot.

She learns science and technology. It takes a chance to build a robot to help with her daily work.

Victor Rich

Billionaire and philanthropy.

He wants to give an opportunity for as many citizens as he can to live richly and rest with comfort.

Victor is a travelers club member. He regularly goes on expeditions to all corners of the world and brings various curiosities from his trips.


In childhood Sophie, like Alice, got all the best. But, instead of studying, she entertained and spent the whole time at parties.

The good news is that she overcame weaknesses, changed her way of living and finally became a good PR manager.


When he was a toddler, he and his parents had a picnic on a cliff by the sea. Suddenly, Captain jumped straight to the sea. His father barely grabbed the child before he fell.

The Captain knew how to swim from birth.


She has a wide knowledge about nature and communicates with people in a good way.

The main things for Lee are botany and selection. She wants to change the world.

At the beginning she had a negative opinion about new technologies but with time she changed her point of view.


Athletics coach and sports agent.

As a child, he was fond of athletics and neglected theoretical aspects of training. As a result, he got injured. Thus, sports career as an athlete closed to him.

For a long time he struggled with depression but soon became a coach of his younger brother. Also, he is developing as a sports manager and agent.

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Super City simulator game reviews

Ofelia Heredia

On the platform I had it and added neighbors but I did not play, now it made me feel good I play and I have neighbors. It's better than on Facebook and it's even faster. My simple opinion.

Tina Lindner

It's fun I like to play it.

Clyde Saith

I actually ignore facebook ads, but I am glad this showed up. I just started this game and it looks amazing so far. Reminds me so much of old CityVille game

Ducky Hobbs


Alisha D Beer

I am playing the game now and it is not that bad as they say its like playing tycoon but not costers its just a city and adding buildings its pretty fun for me

Draco L-Malfoy

Love playing this game

Let's play!

Become a long-waited mayor and make your town a dreamworld.